About GeRe-Rides International Ltd.


GeRe-Rides International Ltd. was founded by Mr. Gerd Reppel in 2009. Mr. Reppel has almost 50 years of industry experience. His inspiration during this time was significant and the impact is still evident in the industry today. Competence, reliability and customer orientation are still closely associated with the Reppel name. After the founding of Reppel Handels GmbH in 1978, there followed a series of innovative product launches, such as the introduction of claw cranes in Germany in 1980, followed by bottom grab in 1982 and the first suspended claw in 1983. In 1985 Reppel Handels GmbH developed and manufactured the first vending machine containers, which are today still known and appreciated for their quality under the name Reppel containers. Further milestones came in 1990 with the first PTB approval for Pusher, the first simulators with 6 degrees of freedom and in 2004 with the first PTB approval for Pusher with a closed-loop system. In addition Reppel Handels GmbH developed, manufactured and sold various amusement park rides and attractions such as Minisooter, Children’s Carousels, Children’s Ferris Wheels, basketball trailers or mobile refreshment bars. Reppel Handels GmbH began to work closely with Eastern European production sites as early as 1991 due to the favourable labour costs.

Reppel Container

The business purpose of the GeRe-Rides International Ltd. is the sale or brokerage of rides and vending machines for fairground and amusement parks. Due to the great success achieved in 2014 the vending machine sales and installation segment was outsourced to MMS Automaten Betriebs GmbH to enable GeRe-Rides International Ltd. to concentrate on its core business of the sale and brokerage of rides.
With the partnership with Smart Technik a.s. founded in 2014 we are delighted to have found a manufacturer who expands our product range in the field of highly complex and innovative amusement park rides.